Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Training At Last!

Well I trooped off down to the South west to a training afternoon with Dawn Weaver, very testing, but rewarding, It would have been much better if I could actually have heard what Dawn was saying as there was a woman there whose dog barked incessantly throughout the session, and didn't seem to notice it at all!
Puck was Dawns most challenging dog of the day I would feel, he 's gone a touch squirrely eyed over the past couple of weeks and not working too well, but at the end of the day he actually started to do some good work.
Ruby did some of the session, and our retrained contacts were tested and found wanting, I've never been one for the layering of contacts as it doesn't pep my dogs up, once i was with her they were fine, and her jumping is nearly back up there with pre-pups speed, now I've got to get our partnership back on track, but we'll get there, I'm more than confident.
Made a decision at the weekend to take control of our ever expanding pack and we've become 'pack-leaders' according to Cesar Millan, and we've adopted some of his methods. And what do you know- it works! Our house is quieter (by far) and the dogs seem to be more settled in themselves, and our arms aren't aching after walking them!
Proof was tested last night at training ( yes I actually got to go!) and though it tested them loads it was much better from our dogs, and Puck was even thinking about giving me a proper wait, but he worked very well and I~ was pleased with his behaviour throughout.
Should try to post some pics soon, once Marie sends them to me, got some good ones of the pups.