Monday, 14 January 2008

Kelpie clinic mayhem

Well I taught at the 2nd kelpie agility clinic in Rugby yesterday, The venue was by far and away the best indoor training venue I have ever been to! No sand, crud, horse poo etc etc, the surface was a proper indoor agility rubberised texture, it was superb, no slipping from the dogs, no scrabbling, no dirt, it was superb for the dogs, and for training purposes!
All the attendees seemed to enjoy themselves, most of the kelpies were high drive and had a great time, for the low-drive dogs it was a case of getting the owners to enjoy themselves, so (the theory goes) in the future the dogs can enjoy themselves too.
Stars of the day were, coen, sheugh, revel, holly, conker, well all really! all too good to mention.
One good thing from the day, I managed to run Ruby over the surface ,and I know her fitness is coming back slowly , but no slipping and she handled the surface splendidly, so good news for the impending Crufts championship. I also ran Puck over the surface and again he took to it no problem!
It also signified our pups first big journey out and they coped remarkably well, no whinging etc only a poo or pee to pick up.