Thursday, 24 January 2008

Another pup off to pastures new

Well my sister came down at the weekend with her new boyfriend. Its the first time I've seen her since May last year, so it was a great chance to catch up.
She'd persuaded my Aunt in Cumbria to take on the black and tan boy 'Ray" and have him to work on their farm in Culgaith. They didn't know too much about Kelpies before, but we'll keep them on the right track, and I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time doing what he was bred for, oh he's now called Indy, pics of him leaving (little bag etc) will be posted soon.
I had very good news last week, I was promoted in work!, I am now the National Clinical Nurse Educator! All very grand, It just means I have to cover the whole of the UK , where appropriate! With the pay rise comes a new car, now this sounded great at first, but as always in life the one that would be ideal is just a bit too expensive, and I have to take into account the cage in the back of the car, and hope it fits in the new estate! Narrowed the list down now to a souped up Volvo so hoping now that the cage will fit in the back!
Took puck and ruby training on Tuesday, Ruby is getting fitter (and faster) by the day now, but has decided that the "mat' training doesn't have to be done whilst training, she is very obstinate! Contacts were fabulous for her, but will be better through the use of the mat, (note to self- be consistent and don't give in!) Puck was an absolute hooligan / loony- back to no waits, and doing 'his' thing, and by the time he started working better he was knackered and started to get sloppy with his pole work, and my knee was playing up - so a god night for Ruby, not so for Puck, but then she let herself down by having the runs in the car (so much for a 'treat' of a bone the day before!) They both better pick up before the weekend as we are down in Somerset at a Dawn Weaver training day (prepare to be worked!)
I had said "no winter shows for me and my dogs this year", but I've relented and have entered Newton Heath, as I need the competition training before Crufts! - which is getting ever closer, but Ruby IS getting better every day- look out!