Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Training At Last!

Well I trooped off down to the South west to a training afternoon with Dawn Weaver, very testing, but rewarding, It would have been much better if I could actually have heard what Dawn was saying as there was a woman there whose dog barked incessantly throughout the session, and didn't seem to notice it at all!
Puck was Dawns most challenging dog of the day I would feel, he 's gone a touch squirrely eyed over the past couple of weeks and not working too well, but at the end of the day he actually started to do some good work.
Ruby did some of the session, and our retrained contacts were tested and found wanting, I've never been one for the layering of contacts as it doesn't pep my dogs up, once i was with her they were fine, and her jumping is nearly back up there with pre-pups speed, now I've got to get our partnership back on track, but we'll get there, I'm more than confident.
Made a decision at the weekend to take control of our ever expanding pack and we've become 'pack-leaders' according to Cesar Millan, and we've adopted some of his methods. And what do you know- it works! Our house is quieter (by far) and the dogs seem to be more settled in themselves, and our arms aren't aching after walking them!
Proof was tested last night at training ( yes I actually got to go!) and though it tested them loads it was much better from our dogs, and Puck was even thinking about giving me a proper wait, but he worked very well and I~ was pleased with his behaviour throughout.
Should try to post some pics soon, once Marie sends them to me, got some good ones of the pups.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Another pup off to pastures new

Well my sister came down at the weekend with her new boyfriend. Its the first time I've seen her since May last year, so it was a great chance to catch up.
She'd persuaded my Aunt in Cumbria to take on the black and tan boy 'Ray" and have him to work on their farm in Culgaith. They didn't know too much about Kelpies before, but we'll keep them on the right track, and I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time doing what he was bred for, oh he's now called Indy, pics of him leaving (little bag etc) will be posted soon.
I had very good news last week, I was promoted in work!, I am now the National Clinical Nurse Educator! All very grand, It just means I have to cover the whole of the UK , where appropriate! With the pay rise comes a new car, now this sounded great at first, but as always in life the one that would be ideal is just a bit too expensive, and I have to take into account the cage in the back of the car, and hope it fits in the new estate! Narrowed the list down now to a souped up Volvo so hoping now that the cage will fit in the back!
Took puck and ruby training on Tuesday, Ruby is getting fitter (and faster) by the day now, but has decided that the "mat' training doesn't have to be done whilst training, she is very obstinate! Contacts were fabulous for her, but will be better through the use of the mat, (note to self- be consistent and don't give in!) Puck was an absolute hooligan / loony- back to no waits, and doing 'his' thing, and by the time he started working better he was knackered and started to get sloppy with his pole work, and my knee was playing up - so a god night for Ruby, not so for Puck, but then she let herself down by having the runs in the car (so much for a 'treat' of a bone the day before!) They both better pick up before the weekend as we are down in Somerset at a Dawn Weaver training day (prepare to be worked!)
I had said "no winter shows for me and my dogs this year", but I've relented and have entered Newton Heath, as I need the competition training before Crufts! - which is getting ever closer, but Ruby IS getting better every day- look out!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Kelpie clinic mayhem

Well I taught at the 2nd kelpie agility clinic in Rugby yesterday, The venue was by far and away the best indoor training venue I have ever been to! No sand, crud, horse poo etc etc, the surface was a proper indoor agility rubberised texture, it was superb, no slipping from the dogs, no scrabbling, no dirt, it was superb for the dogs, and for training purposes!
All the attendees seemed to enjoy themselves, most of the kelpies were high drive and had a great time, for the low-drive dogs it was a case of getting the owners to enjoy themselves, so (the theory goes) in the future the dogs can enjoy themselves too.
Stars of the day were, coen, sheugh, revel, holly, conker, well all really! all too good to mention.
One good thing from the day, I managed to run Ruby over the surface ,and I know her fitness is coming back slowly , but no slipping and she handled the surface splendidly, so good news for the impending Crufts championship. I also ran Puck over the surface and again he took to it no problem!
It also signified our pups first big journey out and they coped remarkably well, no whinging etc only a poo or pee to pick up.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Ruby's a grandmother

We heard yesterday that Ruby's daughter, Izzy (owned by Tracy Huxtable) became a mum for the first time yesterday, having 1 red and tan boy, 3 red and tan girls and 3 black and tan girls, making ruby a granny!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Hello and welcome

Introducing Marie's puppy 'Belle' (Stasofmars Mira) a beautifully natured red and tan bitch whom we could not bear to part with.

Below is my bitch puppy 'Halo' (Starsofmars Halo) a beautiful solid black bitch with a very 'up front' nature.

Here is a picture of my new dog pup , Draco, a very handsome solid black coloured pup. Draco his brothers and sisters were 12 weeks old today, and hasn't the time flown by! Draco's ears are nearly fully 'pricked ' now, but not nearly fully up like his red and tan bro, Kaiser!

Introducing the other Starsofmars babes........

Rachel Sturman's 'Qui' (Starsofmars Aquila)

Nick Lee's 'Bruce' (Starsofmars Siriuslee Bruce)

Lorna Goodban's 'Kaiser' (Starsofmars Galaxy Dreamer)

Diane Clark's 'Flash' no KC name as yet as Diane has yet to make one up.

We still have 2 pups available to the right homes .....

We have given them names as it just wasnt right to not have a name for them, bless firstly is 'Ray' a very handsome black and tan boy who is a lovely boy indeed.

Mo is a lovely red and tan bitch just like her mum Ruby